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Why settle for the home of your dreams when you can have something even better — a shouse? A shouse is a personal workshop and/or storage connected to a house or living quarters, providing the perfect combination of living space and storage/workspace. It is ideal if you’ve got big toys and tools and don’t want the hassle of separate living quarters. The combination could potentially save you tax dollars as you consolidate your structures. The shouse can be a single-wing or multi-wing structure; regardless, clear-span trusses will give you wide-open space and high ceilings. Comfort and utility — the best of both worlds.


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Get affordable payment options from multiple lenders

Get affordable payment options from multiple lenders

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"Willie is great with attention to detail and curb appeal – estimate was very impressive. I would recommend Willie to anyone. Thanks a lot for a great building.”

- Robert G., Merrill, Wisconsin

Screws are our standard fasteners, Stronger buildings start with the materials we use.


Our standard screw fasteners

All Wick exterior steel is screwed down with color-matched screws - no nails.

Reduces nail pops and maintenance while increasing strength against weather elements like snow and wind.